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Lijiang rain cultural tourism investment group co., LTD(简称:Lijiang rain group)Is in2008Years8Month8Establishment, formally registered,Company set up more than eight years of time,To all employees“In the world,Yurun universe”In the mind,To develop、Constant innovation,Work diligently seeks the development,Explorations responsibility tree image,Integration of resources and benefits,Since the childhood is realized、From weak to strong leapfrog development。At present,The company's assets scale has reached20Several hundred million,Employees600More than one,Compose the new chapter of the development of lijiang rain group。
Rain at the beginning of the group was established in lijiang is mainly engaged in industrial and trading industry,Lijiang because the world cultural heritage and become a tourist resort,More for the world cultural heritage and become world-famous。So in a few years of continuous development and grope for,Enterprise's top managers with the eye of wisdom and vision of their decision timely enterprise transformation,The development direction of the group identified as culture、Tourism and investment。
Lijiang rain group is now mainly engaged in cultural tourism investment,Group17Subsidiaries,Mainly related to cultural tourism industry investment、Operations and project planning、Special local product marketing、National culture hotel、The real estate industry、The logistics industry、Tourism product development、Chinese herbal medicine planting、Landscape gardening、Mechanical processing and national costume textile industry sectors such as the protection and inheritance。
At present,Group company, which is based on lijiang excellent national culture,Make use of the advantages of the location,In the tourism market as an opportunity,The core makes the jade peak site area of the cement industry“National cultural industrial park”The project and the ancient north slope area of the city“Lijiang cultural creative industrial park”The project。
Lijiang rain group in continuous development at the same time,Also bear the social responsibility,To give back to society。Since its inception group,In the warm retired worker、To help the poor Samaritan、To donate、For the agriculture, rural areas and farmers、A teaching assistant、Love to take an examination of selfless dedication,Take an active part in social charity。And in youth development foundation set up in yunnan province“Rain love fund in yunnan”The project,Used for each year of lijiang city within the scope of poor college students funded enterprise。Rain group is with practical action to fulfill the enterprise responsibility and obligation,Donate money to help people in need of help,Spare no effort to contribute their strength for the society。
Gaze of history,A great glory;Looking to the future,A long way to go。Today's lijiang is rain group“Responsibility、Innovation、Civilization、Benchmarking”As the core spirit of enterprise culture,Unremitting efforts,Committed to the national culture inheritance and protection,Pay attention to the regional economic development,And through the project operation,Social capital and policy support,Drive the diversified investment subject。Give full play to the geographical advantage of the company、Resource advantages and cultural advantages,On the premise of development,Take the market as the guidance,By means of resource integration and capital operation,Accelerate the development of lijiang tourism industry,The company has gradually developed into in both powerful large cultural tourism investment company。

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